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The current day Forestal Mimosa Limited was incorporated on 5th February 1926 as Humphreys, Percival, Ellis (1926) Limited but can trace its roots back to 1906 and The Forest Land, Timber and Railway Company Limited who were the forefathers of the vegetable extract businesses in Argentina, Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The Forestal Land, Timber and Railway Company were the former owners and shareholders, amongst others, of The Kenya Tanning Extract Company (KTE) and The East African Tanning Extract Company (EATEC) in Kenya, The Natal Tanning Extract Company (NTE) in South Africa and The Wattle Company in Zimbabwe and purchased the shares in Humphreys, Percival, Ellis (1926) Limited on 1 st January 1930. Humphreys, Percival Ellis was at the time responsible for the sale of Forestal’s vegetable extracts in the United Kingdom.

In the late 1960’s The Forestal Land, Timber and Railway Company was bought by Slater Walker who in turn disposed of its many assets with the East African assets being sold to Lonrho PLC and the South African assets eventually being sold to Anglo-America.

In the mid to late 1990’s both Lonrho and Anglo exited the extract business. Lonrho closed the EATEC factory in Kenya, selling the land to the local Nandi people with major elements on the factory being transferred to the Wattle Company in Zimbabwe. A few years later this business was sold to the current owners and which included the shares held in Forestal Mimosa Limited. The two large Anglo-American factories in South Africa were sold to the private wattle growers who had been supplying the factories with bark.

Humphreys, Percival, Ellis (1926) limited changed its name on 29th May 1945 to Tannin Development Limited. Two further name changes took place over the next 25 years – on the 21st August 1964 to Forestal (Sales) Limited and then on the 30th April 1969 to Forestal International Limited.

In 1990 the commercial activities of Mimosa and Quebracho were separated and the name was changed on 24th January 1992 to Forestal Mimosa Limited with the company now being solely involved in the supply of African Mimosa Extracts on behalf of its Principals in East and South Africa.